Finally time for some brand-new code here again :)

Well, brand-new as in "started coding 3 years ago but did not finish the last parts over 3 years"

I also uploaded most of that old stuff again. Hope there will be more motivation soon to finish the guestbook and imrpove things here and there.

ran into problems sending mail. response: 530 Must issue a STARTTLS command first in /var/www/virtual/livinskull.ath.cx/htdocs/classes/mail.php at line 124

File: /var/www/virtual/livinskull.ath.cx/htdocs/classes/mail.php (line: 124): function: trigger_error()
File: /var/www/virtual/livinskull.ath.cx/htdocs/classes/mail.php (line: 78): function: smtpParse()
File: /var/www/virtual/livinskull.ath.cx/htdocs/classes/mail.php (line: 46): function: smtpMail()
File: /var/www/virtual/livinskull.ath.cx/htdocs/classes/ErrorHandler.php (line: 58): function: sendSimpleHtml()
File: unknown (line: unknown): function: checkFatal()